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Uniform Judging

NASA encourages scale contests in addition to building and flying scale models just for the fun of it. We are concerned with the uniformity of judging at scale contests & we believe that through an organization such as NASA, such uniform judging techniques can be developed and applied across the nation.

Scale Rules & Regulations

Because NASA is the official AMA SIG for scale aeromodeling, we work closely with the AMA and FAI to help propose, define and re-work the entire scope of rules/regulations for scale competition.

Replica Newsletter

Our newsletter, Replica, contains modeling tips, contest reports, a schedule of upcoming events & contests, an open forum for all scale modelers, articles and 3 views of full-scale aircraft, books, information on museums, and a host of other articles & subjects. You are invited to submit articles to the editor for consideration of publication. Email the Replica editor for guidelines & format.

NASA New Contest Grant Program

The NASA New Contest Grant Program offers cash to clubs to help offset the costs incurred which can help clubs be more willing to entertain holding a scale contest at their facility. 



Bob Lirette Flight Achievement Award

This award is decided upon by a vote of the contest flight judges, in which the subject best duplicates prototypical flight, taking into consideration uniqueness of a subject and its flight characteristics. The judges’ decision will be based upon the total flights made during the regular competition. For information, contact a NASA officer to see if this award can be obtained for your event.

NASA Scale Road Show

NASA’s Scale Road Show is conducted at the Weak Signals show (Toledo, OH) the first week of April and the AMA Convention (Ontario, CA) in January of each year. NASA’s Scale Road Show is a scale seminar hosted by championship modelers, mentoring fellow scale modelers with piloting and building skills to further the sport of competitive flying scale modeling.

Scale Data Source List

If your interests don’t run to competition, fear not! NASA membership is a treasure trove for scale modelers and documentation scholars. All scale modelers have a need for data on full-scale aircraft in order to document the authenticity of their creations. NASA has a Scale Data Source List that all new members receive upon joining.

NASA Constitution and Bylaws

To encourage, promote and advance all phases of scale aeromodeling, regardless of size, power or mode of control. To encourage the formation of scale clubs. To encourage flying scale competition at all levels. To encourage the training of scale judges for competition.
Executive Committee Members
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