2014 NATS - July 11-13, 2014

A note from Allen Goff regarding Muncie area hotels.

Here are some pictures and information on other motels in Muncie. These pictures are of the "Red Carpet Inn". Rates are $50.00 singles and $65.00 doubles with a $10.00 key deposit and you get that back when you check out. They will take reservation now, ph # 765 288 1911. This motel use to be a Holiday Inn years ago and has gone threw many hands since then. They are remodeling now and have about 30- 35 rooms ready.

As you can see it has a pool outside and they are renovating the bar. Its not the "Hampton" but it is about half the price. I'd stay there. This motel is 5 minutes from AMA, it use to be HDQ for many during the Nats. They had many runners stay there last year, so if interested better make your reservation now.

There are some lesser motels down the road from this one and they are just a room, no frills, their prices were $35.00 sgl. and $50.00 dbl. Hope this helps.

2014 NATS - July 11-13, 2014

A note from the R/C NATS CD - Jim Martin. We have been informed by AMA that the 2014 Scale Nats is scheduled for July 11-13. Unfortunately, the Ironman competition which took many of the hotel rooms is scheduled for Saturday, July 12. So, we will probably have the same problems booking rooms as we did this year. Make your hotel reservations ASAP if they want a room.

Also, we may have a problem with the food vendor again. On Sunday this year, an AMA employee & his family provided food & drinks for us. He may do that again next year. We will find out more later and pass that along.

The good news is that Free Flight will be a week after us, so we will not have the problems we had on Friday. We should have the big tent by the runway again like in the past for static judging.

Shannon & I are planning a pizza party at the flying site scoring tent on Friday night. That way everyone can fly & have a bite of pizza all at the same time - no one has to leave the pit area (although there will be no music next year).

I'm planning on reserving the McCoullough room again for the Saturday night banquet.

2013 NATS - July 12-14, 2013

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2013 NATS Photos. The AMA has been posting lots and lots of photos to their Flickr feed for all disciplines of this year's NATS. Many great pictures of the C/L and R/C competition are uploaded and you can view them by clicking here.

2013 NATS Sponsors. We'd like to offer a huge THANK YOU to all of this sponsors who are helping us with the Scale Nationals.


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