Scale How To's
We've assembled a great collection of scale oriented how-to's – all available on-line. To view any of them, click on the link and the how-to will pop-up in a new window.

If you've got a great scale how-to you'd like to share with our members, email our webmaster, Mark Lanterman.

Flight Focus
Flight Focus contains programs developed by pilots & judges for pilots & judges. Whether you fly in contests or informally this compilation of articles, how-to's, flight maneuver illustrations and descriptions were created to help you develop better piloting and presentation skills.
Static CompetitionFlight Competition
Scale Judge GuideIllustrated Maneuvers

Competition Rules
The following rulebook links will download a .pdf document. you must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view these.
Click Here For AMA Scale Competition Guide
Click Here For Scale Masters Competition Guide

Control Line Scale
Interested in competing in control-line scale? Take a look a Mike Welshan's Introduction to Control Line Scale.

Off-site How-To's
The following links are a great bunch of how-to's which are on on other web-sites around the world. Clicking on the links bring up a new window.
Stripping and Planking
Plot NACA Airfoils
Fiberglassing Airframes

Misc Scale Documents, Stories, etc.
12 Inches To The Foot

On-line How-To's
Following are a great collection of how-to's – some from past issues of our Replica newsletter, others from the internet.
15 Do's & Don'ts for Static Scale Judging
21 Ways to Kill Your Club
Cantilevered Hinges
Colored Epoxy
Flight Maneuvers (Illustrated)
Free-Flight Source List
Getting Started in Free Flight Scale
How Toe-In Helps Model Aircraft
Moving Canopy Frames
Online Center of Gravity Calculator
Online Mean Aerodynamic Cord Calculator
Pre-flight Checklist
Prop Charts
Protect Hinges
Repairing Warped Wings
Scale Contest Judge Guide
Setting a Slow, Reliable Idle
Sheeting Foam Wings with Elmer's Pro-Bond
Tempering Equals Spring, Flex & Strength
What do wing-stitching knots look like?
What I Need To Know About Calculating Center of Gravity
What I Need To Know About Chemical Compatibility
What I Need To Know About Flying In A Scale Contest
What I Need To Know About The Static Portion Of A Scale Contest

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