NASA Scale Resource Guide - 8th edition
Soon the new guide will be published and we will be either sending it all NASA members by mail or delivering it to them at a NASA function like the Nationals or a trade show. Gary Parenti has had his hands full with the new guide and his wife has been doing a great in helping track all of the companies that have went out of business or moved and the forwarding address has expired.
The new one is all computerized and will be printed on 8.5 by 11” format with a spiral binder. It will be available to non-NASA members for nominal cost very soon.
Gary has went the “extra mile” making sure that the content of the booklet is up-to-date, as well as complete as possible. Almost all of the companies have websites now and that's an added bonus for all of the membership on the net. Also be sure to include your e-mail address this January when you re-new your membership.

Documentation Resources - Museums

Imperial War Museum
Museum of Flight
Navy (US) Air Museum
(Click here to read a write-up
by Stan Alexander.)

Paul Garber Facility
Pensacola Air Museum
Pensacola A.M. forum pictures
Russian Air Museum
World Air Museums

Documentation Resources - Color Chip & Color Scheme Resources

Exotic Samples (Jets)
Frank Tiano color chips
IPMS Stockholm colors

RLM - FS Color List
RLM & FS Color Cross Reference

Documentation Resources - Online

FuturShox Avi-Pix
Golden Age Aviation
Granville Brothers
Grumman Goose
Hanley Page Halifax
Hawker Tempest
How to scale a Piper J-3 Cub
Japanese Infrastructure
Japanese Aviation I.
Japanese Aviation II.
Japanese Aviation III.
Japanese Aviation IV.
Japanese Aichi "Val"
Japanese Hein Focus I
Japanese Hien Focus II
Japanese Nakajima Kate
Japanese Shinden
Japanese Shinden II.
Japanese Shinden III.
Japanese Shinden IV.
Japanese Shinden V.
Japanese Trophy Planes 
Japanese "Zed" Ninja's
Japanese References
Jungle Air Force
Lancaster Nose Art
Lancaster Survivors
Luftwaffe Emblems
Luftwaffe Focus
Luftwaffe Resource
Luftwaffe Resource II
Luftwaffe Resource III
Luftwaffe Resource IV
Bf-109 II

Military Factory
N. A. OV-10
P2V Neptune Focus
P-38 Docs I
P-38 Docs II
P-38 Docs III
P-38 Docs Text
P-38 Assn. Resources
P-40 War Hawk
P-51 Mustang Focus
Phillip Treweek's Kiwi Close Up's
Pre-WWII Archive
Profile Images
RAF Research
Russian Air Resources
Scale Squadron Japan
Short Stirling
Vintage Aircraft Photo Library
Warbirds Europe
Warbird Alley
Warbird Resource Grp.
Web Birds
WWI Fighters
WWI Fighters II
WWI Photos I
WWI Photos II.
WWI Photos III
WWI Resources
WWI Rib Stitching
YAK 18

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